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En Kanitham Jothidam 2014 Tamil Numerology

En Kanitham Jothidam 2014
This is en kanitham jothidam 2014 Tamil numerology.
Here is En kanitham jothidam 2014 info for your knowledge. As the name suggests, numerology is a study of numbers or we can say it deals with the representation of the numbers. With the help of numerology experts study the personality of a person. The positive and negative aspects of his nature, his career, his capacity to deal with the situation all these things can be clearly predicted with the help of numerology. The future opportunities or the changes required in your life or career for better results, all can be viewed through numerology. In short numerology is one of the strongest ways of predicting a person.

Tamil Numerology Astrology History
It is proved that the numerology is the very old method of studying numbers. It was earlier practiced in Egypt and Babylonia. Again in the early 20th century, Mr. L.Dow Balliet from America, invented modern technique of numerology.  Now in today’s era more and more number of people are taking keen interest in numerology.
It is believed that the every minor thing in the universe has its own vibration and the frequency of this vibration differs from thing to thing. The frequency of the vibration decides the eminence and the vigour of an object. To measure the vibration frequency of a person, the numerologist focuses upon the birth date and the name of a person. When this frequency is calculated, the information about personality of a person is easy to find out. In short the numbers involved in the date of birth and the name of the person create the vibrations which can be used to give brief information about the personality of the same.

Tamil Numerology Calculator
En Kanitham Jothidam in Tamil 2014 claculations are done by using the below method. In numerology the main numbers used are from 1 to 9 and the two more numbers 11 and 22 which are called special master numbers. It is believed that the numbers from 1 to 9 and 11 and 22 symbolize the most important vibration rates linked with the person’s attributes. The numbers other than these special numbers are reduced by adding them together. Means the number 25 is turned by adding 2+5 to get 7. If the number contains 4 digits like 1982 then it is compressed by adding all the numbers like 1+9+8+4 =22. Again the number 22 is processed by adding 2+2=4. By this method with the help of person’s date of birth his numerological numbers are found. The names are available for boy baby and girl baby online and it is completely free.
When the numerologist focuses upon the name of a person, then the letters in the name are transformed to numbers and these numbers are calculated together. The theory of numerology describes a numeric table in which each letter is given particular number. By adding these numbers accordingly numerological theories are formed. Flowing is the table by which each letter is given a particular number. 

Tamil numerology alphabet numbers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Some simple formulas are used on the numbers which denotes the date of birth or name of a person. The numerologist focuses upon four main procedure and nearly 25 to 30 modifiers. These elements and modifiers are very useful in defining the correct characteristic of a person. The numerology is based on both the calculations that is the numbers involved in date of birth and the numbers coming in his name.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rasi Palan April 2014 Tamil Matha Jothidam

Rasi Palan April 2014 Tamil 
This is Rasi Palan April 2014 Tamil Matha Jothidam panguni month astrology predictions.

Mesha rasi palan April 2014
There will be some ups and downs in your financial situation this is due to the grahanila of raghu and kethu. You can face any difficult situation with the help of your rasi Nathan. It is advised to visit and pray your family god to get rid of bad situation.

Rishaba rasi palan April 2014
The first half the month is financially tight but the second the half you can the financially improved situation. There will be some auspicious event in your family by this month. April month you can feel Emotionally best understanding between husband and wife. 

Mithuna rasi palan April 2014
Rasinathan rasi nathan nicham, so additional care is necessary for your health. You should work hard to achieve your target.  There may be some problems due to the influence of friends and relatives. Wedding bells are getting ready to ring.

Kataka rasi palan April 2014
Improved financial situation, good relationship among the neighbors and relatives. Good bonding in husband and wife relationship. You have to spend some money from your savings for the welfare of your children.  

Simha rasi palan April 2014
This month you will face some trouble in finance. You should reduce your anger to avoid misunderstandings between your loved once. Be calm, avoid quarrel. Improvement in your health issues, some people can change their house.

Kanni rasi palan April 2014

This month you are going to travel for profession or personal. Nice improvement in your financial situation, good understanding between husband and wife. New business ideas will emerge. There will be some trouble in your health.

Thula rasi palan April 2014
This month starts good for Thula rasi people. Chances of marriage are high in this month for the people under this sign. The Eclipse on 15th April will make your life will be more productive and energetic during this month.

Viruchigam rasi palan April 2014
This is not much profitable month. The chances of changing career path are high. In the end of the month sudden expenses may disturb your financial budget. Chances of foreign trips are predicted.

Dhanusu rasi palan April 2014
Need more attention for Dhanusu. Be alert about your image in public. April 15th Eclipse warns you to be careful. Heath problems may disturb your life, so be alert about health. You can plan some future plans in this month as you can get success in completing them.

Makara rasi palan April 2014
Highly profitable month for Makaram. Financial situation is more than what You expect. There will be an excellent achievement in carrier and education .  People those who are waiting for the wedding bells can get the good news. A chance for new birth is predicted.

Kumba rasi palan April 2014
April month will be full of romance for Kumba rasi people. But for the other areas like career and health; the eclipse on 15th April will not prove fruitful. Be very much alert about your health.

Meena rasi palan April 2014
April 2014 is very neutral month. Expenses will be high and the income source may get badly affected. Family life will be good and sudden change in personal life is predicted.